“Ring Around The Sun” is Lenny Laks’ long awaited recording of original songs from now and long ago, most of which have never been recorded before.   The ten songs, recorded at Peter Temple Studio in Albion, California, feature stellar work from Lenny (vocals,accoustic guitar, bass), and his major cohorts Stevie Gurr (guitars, harp, vocals),John Bush (bass, sax, keys), Michael Lono Bissen (drums). It includes performances from well-known local Mendocino Coast musicians John Chamberlin, Michael Ward, Kirk Handley, Bob Ayres, Antonia Lamb, Sarah Haye, Christy Wells, Sally Wells, Judy Mayhan, Meridian Green, Steve Davidson, Richie Rosenbaum, plus the final scatting of The Legendary Wolf. RIP.

Lenny Laks was the lead singer for the New York-based Hamilton Face band in the mid-late 1960's. He recorded for Mercury Records and for Bell Records.  He was a staff writer for United Artists in the 70's , a freelance rock performer  and writer in the 80's: he had a classic mid-life crisis in the 90's and discovered overnight success in the 21st century. Other bands he performed with and/or founded include the Mendocino All-Stars, Cheese, the Monday Night Seagull Band, and Lax-Deluxe. 
Says Lenny: "Recording this CD has been one of the most intense and gratifying, experiences of my life.The music that is my compass is from Ray Charles, James Brown, James Taylor, Pops Staples, The Beatles, George Jones, Miles Davis,  Stevie Wonder, Dr. John, & Richie Havens. The short list.”     

“I am so thankful for the amazing amount of help from my musician friends who worked for pocket change, or in many cases, no money at all. And believe me it was work. 'cause I am not easy to please. They gave me some very soulful performances, and made my every trip to the studio...a gas."

“ My favorite tunes are Toy Soldiers, and Help Me With This Rock” 
 “I hope you find yours.......”
 “Please work for peace.”

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